excuse me while i complain

i work with a lot of pompous, irresponsible, unprofessional, inconsiderate, spoiled idiots that have no concept of doing a good job.

i hate having to do other people's jobs. i can not understand how people can be proud of doing a half ass job and not feeling ashamed when others have to fix their mistakes. it really pisses me off. granted, my job in software testing is all about pointing out the mistakes that others make. but i am not supposed to fix those mistakes. it is up to them to fix them and i test it. that is where the checks and balances come in. hell if i am supposed to find and fix the problem, it would be faster and cheaper to just let me do the work in the first place!!!

and to make matters worse, my bosses expect me to tell them when things are not working correctly. the premise is that i know when things are working as they should. so how would i know that? design documents is the standard issue. but in this place that doesn't apply. most of the stuff is just "built". and any design documentation that does exist is outdated or just plain wrong. so i can't tell anyone that their product is working properly. all i can say is "this doesn't seem right". about the only definitive issue i can report is when the product crashes, which by the way happens way too much.

i get tired of ....

well, i just get tired.

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