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all of the entries in the title are geek for 100. this is my 100th post. you would think it would be special. guess not. the tmi for today just didn't appeal to me. and i have been extremely busy at work lately so i haven't had a lot of time to post. so you are going to get a few rambling paragraphs from me today.

what makes a good cook? last week's tmi asked how good a cook we thought we are. i said 9.5 out of 10. it isn't because i'm a gourmet. it is because everything i have ever made was edible and at least one person enjoyed it. i might not use exotic sauces or ingredients, but i make food that is edible, filling and damn tasty. so i consider myself a damn good cook.

i added a couple of brain farts to the side bar.

when i was a kid i looked forward to christmas. now i dread it. i hate the way that it has become so commercialized and all about the gifts. i'm not going to get all religious on you but the reason for the season has been lost. and i honestly don't mind the whole gift giving thing but it has become such a hassle to get "the right" gift. and no one wants simple gifts anymore. honestly, as a kid i used to like getting a few new shirts. now, kids don't want anything that doesn't need batteries or a monthly payment to keep it working.

now, back to the title. can anyone identify the 4 number systems used?

UPDATE: 12/13/2007: roman numerals, binary (base 2), hexadecimal (base 16), octal (base 8)

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Bunny said...

I've got no clue on the numbers (roman for the first one?) but I'm sure my husband with his masters in computer science could tell me. I'm not going to ask him though.

I would love to have you cook me dinner. I'm sure we could figure out dessert together ;-)

My kids (almost 7 and almost 3) are still delighted to get a couple simple toys each for Christmas. I don't look forward to the time when that isn't enough. :-(