i want to be alone and other stuff

i recently lost my private office and had to move into a shared office. it is a long story of a company growing faster than expected. and in order to actually have enough space for my staff to do their work and still have some room to expand my staff a little, i made the sacrifice. i now share an office with 2 of my employees. it isn't bad because it is easier to talk about the work stuff that we need to. but it really sucks when i try to surf hnt sites while i eat my lunch. i want to be alone.

s4s went out of town for a work conference last friday. so i took a day off work and spent the day with the kids. they hated it. apparently i won't let them get away with everything that my s4s does. not that she lets them get away with a lot, but it seems that i'm a bigger hard ass. go figure. also add to it that they didn't have school but all their friends did and it made it even more boring.

i need to explain something in the last paragraph. s4s is a teacher at a small private school and my kids to go school there. since the staff was all out of town at the conference, the kids had a day off.

and now back to the regular rant...

i have had this desire to go to a strip club lately. i don't do that very often. i'm 43 and old enough to be some of the dancer's grandfather. so it kind of weirds me out sometimes. but about once a year, i get the desire to go to a club, find some nubile hot ass chick and pay their electric bill that month by shoving bills into their g-string as they rub their ass against my crotch. i'm getting that generous feeling. sure wish there was a cheaper way to get some ass (that isn't my wife's) rubbed against my crotch. :( any ladies reading want to help me out, shoot me an email so we can discuss it. you can find my email in a couple of the posting here.

ok, ranted enough.

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