why is it that most people that blog and have significant others all seem to complain about the same things? don't get me wrong, i'm including myself in this and not complaining about it. i get comfort from knowing that i'm not the only one married to a schizophrenic, split personality, sex adverse, selfish spouse. (from here on i will refer to them as s4s). i love my s4s but it gets really tiring and not at all rewarding. occasionally it would be nice if s4s would try to think of me first and not as a by-product of herself.

for example, last night s4s comes into the kitchen as i'm getting dinner ready (yes i do most of the cooking) and says "you know, if you want me to fix you a lunch in the mornings, just say so". if it had been left at that i would have thought how nice it was that she thought of me. but no...she continued. "it would be no problem for me to fix you the same thing i am putting together for me." again, i'm a by product of herself. forget about the times i go out of my way to pick up things specifically for her. forget about the times that i come home and deal with feeding the kids, finishing their homework and getting them in bed while she decides to soak in the bathtub for 2.5 hours. just once i want to be the reason she does something and not a participant/side effect of what she does.

is that asking too much?

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izzy said...

Sorry for doing some archive-trolling, but no, it's not too much to ask. I'm sorry you feel so neglected.

Just make sure she takes her meds. =D