brain fart

i decided to make a real effort at blogging. i want to post something every day. as part of it, i decided to change the look. wish me luck.

for today i'm going to explain why it is so difficult for me to blog. mainly because i have a rather boring "real" life and i tend to use the internet as my "virtual" life. i get to do things here that i can't do in real life. i really want to keep my virtual life secret from the people that know me in real life. but since my real life is so boring, if i started giving away too much about me, it would be fairly obvious to them who i am.

so i ask those of you that blog regularly, how much do the people from your real life know about your blogs? how do you keep them from knowing? i'm really curious and would love to talk to anyone that is a regular blogger about this. but not via comments on my blog. i'd really like to exchange email with you. so email me if you would be willing to discuss this with me.

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