question of the week

question: how much money would you take to give head to complete stranger?

explanation: for me, there is no amount of money that would make me give head to a male stranger. a female stranger is a different story. when it comes down to it, i'd probably do it for free. but if i was going to whore myself out, it would not come for less than $50 US. yep, that is the price you'd pay to turn me into your man-whore.

why do i know this? one day on my way home from work, i sat at a traffic light and saw a woman on the side of the road with a sign asking for money. notice i didn't say "homeless woman" because i don't know that she was homeless. all i can say is that she was asking for money. i thought to myself, i wonder if she would be willing to earn money. i didn't think "sex" as a way to earn it, i just wondered if she would be willing to work. there are some of the people on the side of the road that have told local news stations that they wouldn't work because they make more than enough by begging. i wondered if she was one of them. then somehow, my warped mind eventually made it around to "how much would it take for me to do ...". i thought of a lot of things. and in most cases it wasn't the amount of money as much as it was a situation. for example, if i lost my job there is a lot i'd do just to get money coming in so that i could feed my family. standing on the street corner with a sign was not one of the things i'd do. but as you can tell, prostitution did come up as one of the things i'd do.

so, now that you know the background, tell me your answer.

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