i feel the love

thanks for all the comments on my hnt post. to be honest i have wanted to play for a while but i didn't know what picture to take. and as i've said before i am still a little nervous about someone i know finding my blog. but with all of the encouragement i will try to do more.

this is where you come in. if you did come back to read this, i could use some suggestions on pics for hnt. i've admitted that i don't visit other men's blogs to see their pics so i don't know what everyone else does. and to be honest i really don't care what other men do. i'd prefer to do pics that will be something the women want to see. so, ladies tell me what you want to see and i'll try to fulfill some requests. and if you email me, i might even send you a personal pic if i can find time to take them.

btw, those are one of my favorite pair of underwear. they have lots of lycra so they stay in place. women complain about their undies bunching in their ass. well, guys that wear boxers or boxer briefs have issues with them bunching up in the crotch. the ones i'm wearing in the pic don't do that. want some for your guys? i get them at walmart and they come in multiple colors. but the white ones are a little bit see through. not sure if you could tell in the pic but in person, you can actually see through them.

and now for a little shameless self promotion: i wasn't fully erect in that pic. :)

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searabbit said...

I think you can do quite fine with your own imagination... It is not really about what others want to see... but much more about what you are willing to show... ;-)