ladies, please help me out

i'd like to find a fuck buddy. yeah, i know it is crass but that is the truth. i'm not looking to fall in love or for someone to replace my significant other. i'm just looking for a woman that will meet me for lunch and have sex. i am open to a wide variety of types, scenarios, places, etc. but the hard part is finding a woman. i'm hesitant to approach my friends because none of them know about the sexual deviant side of me. so i am hoping that some of the tmi readers might be willing to help me out.

here is what i need from the ladies...advice. how do i find a woman? how do i know if it is safe to approach someone about the topic? how can i let a lady know i'm interested in her without coming across as creepy? i really appreciate any help/suggestions you have.

and oh, while you are at it, feel free to send me naked pictures or erotic stories. :) those are always welcome.

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