TMI Tuesday #85

1. When you orgasm, do you hold your breath?
answer: not sure, let me check........yep, i hold my breath.

2. Have you ever had sex or played around with a celebrity?
answer: in my mind, yes. in real life, no.

3. Do you think prostitution should be legal? Why or why not?
answer: why not. if i can pay to have a "professional" cut my hair, fix my car, clean my teeth, etcetera why can't i pay a "professional" to fuck me silly?

4. How do you masturbate? Do you romance yourself? Get straight to the point? Read erotic material?
answer: with my hand. duh!!! and why waste time with anything but getting to the point. i'm a man for crying out loud. we don't need the mushy stuff.

5. Which gives you the most pleasure - intercourse, masturbating for/with your partner, being masturbated by your partner.
answer: they all have the same result so the pleasure thing is about the same. now which do i find more enjoyable? all of the above have their moments so it is hard to choose one over the other.

Bonus (as in optional): Have you ever had a crush on a relative?
answer: not that i remember.


meowminx said...

Liked your answers ;)

Mine are posted here

Happy TMI!

Bunny said...

Happy TMI!

Anonymous said...

Nice answers. :o) Happy TMI!