i read quite a few blogs by ladies and a lot of them post how little interest their husbands/boyfriends have in sex. since i don't read other men's blogs i can't say if they do posts like that but i decided what the hell. so here goes.

... or dot, dot, dot or period, period, period. that symbol is used to mean that something is still to occur or that what was stated previously repeats. i am hoping that is not the case. my wife has had 3 periods since the last time we had sex. (get it now? i thought it was pretty good.). i really hope that trend doesn't continue. she claims she is interested and we discuss it regularly. but let me tell you how it always goes when we decide that we want to have sex.

my wife will not have sex unless she is clean. to her this means she needs to bathe. so on the chosen evening we feed the kids, get them wound down. i start getting them all in bed. while i do that, my wife goes to take a bath. that is where everything breaks down.

my wife loves her baths. i think she loves them more than anything else and her actions prove it. she will get into the bathtub, get a puzzle book and soak for hours. and i mean hours. it is not unusual for her to be in the tub for 2-3 hours. in fact it is extremely rare that she is in less than that.

now back to the sex thing. so while she is soaking in the tub, i am waiting. i will admit that i like sex, but after waiting for a couple of hours the mood kind of goes sour. i just give up and go to sleep. is that bad? next day she will apologize for staying in the tub so long but she never changes her habits.

i am at the point where i give up. if she wants to have sex again, she needs to make an effort. i have tried everything. i have even gone in while she was bathing, got the soap and started washing. but it didn't seem to get her out of the tub either.

anyone got a suggestion? or any ladies that lives in texas want to help a man out with his need for sex?

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