i suck at blogging

i must be the worst blogger in the world. my life has nothing worth blogging about. so i'm going to come clean.

i'm a married white man. there i said it. now what?

ok, i'm a married white man that doesn't think he gets enough sex from his wife and would love to find a single/married woman that would like to have sex on a semi-regular basis but without having to pay for hotel rooms, gifts, etc. in other words just like almost every other married white guy in the world.

i'm a married white guy that wishes he made about twice the money that he does but could work about half as much.

i'm a married white guy that has a wife that hates to cook and i'm getting real tired of eating fast food. i'd cook but my wife never seems to be hungry until she gets to the point that she can't wait long enough for me to cook.

i'm a married white guy that is jealous of the single white guys he knows because they can decide at 4:55 pm that they want to go somewhere and drink beer.

i'm a married white guy that eats too much and exercises too little. yes, i'm getting a belly. but i hate to exercise.

i'm a married white guy that is happy to be married but really wants something different in his life.

if ANYONE out there reads this, leave a comment. i don't care what you say, just leave a comment so i know that someone saw it.

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