a couple of friends were talking about craigslist the other day. they were mentioning how they had found some free/cheap stuff on the classifieds. one of them mentioned that they read the personals for entertainment value. i asked if they had ever responded to one and they quickly replied with a no. the more we talked the more interested i became. so being the type of person i am, i decided to do an experiment.

i posted 4 personals on craigslist under casual encounters. i posted a m4w, w4m, mw4w, mw4m. in a 18 hour period i got a total of 130 responses. i got one response to the m4w post but it was from a cross dressing man asking if i'd consider him/her instead. i got one response to the mw4w post but i'm not entirely sure it was from a woman. i got 128 responses to the w4m post where i said i was a married woman looking for a friend with benefits. based on my limited experiment, i would say that if you are a man looking to find a woman, craigslist is not the place to look. i would also say that men have no clue how to respond to a posting. getting a response that says "i'm willing" and has a picture of your cock attached is probably not going to win your way into many women's pants.

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