our receptionist is hot ...

i can't remember if i mentioned our receptionist when i listed the women i work with.  if not, i should have.  she is hot. there is no other word to explain her.  she is about 6 feet tall and gorgeous.  long shapely legs.  she works out regularly and it is obvious.  she has muscle definition but not the type you would associate to a body builder.  just the right amount to make her look fantastic.  she dresses very professional and sexy, but it isn't the dress of a sexy professional.  does that make sense?  for example, yesterday she had on a short skirt, a blue shirt (open at the neck) with a short sleeve tight sweater over it, 4 inch heels.  she was working on something yesterday that sent her by my desk a lot.  i honestly got an erection just watching her.  it was amazing.

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