i'm going to try a weekly feature of my own. a question asked each week of the 1 or 2 people that might actually read this. i will be honest right up front and say the questions will be asked of women. i'm a guy and i really don't care what other guys think. :)

so here it is: the question of the week

if a man walked up to you while you were shopping in victoria's secret and offered to buy you any bra/panty set in the store if you would model it for him in the store's dressing room, would you take him up on the offer?

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I Smile 2 Much said...

It would TOTALLY depend on who is asking me. If it was asked or said to me in a certain way... then yah I would.

It would really depend on other stuff. How he says it, his eyes, I mean. It'd be circumstantial for me.

Good question! I'm *such* a VS shopper girl. I'm in there way too often :D And usually I never buy anything. I just like to try on all the new things for the sake of pictures and etc :)

Happy 2009 :)