i think i cause women to gain weight

i have been married twice.  my first fiancee was a petite woman that had a very nice, shapely body.  she wore clothes that highlighted her assets and was always flattered when a guy would watch her as she walked by.  a few years after we were married my wife was a baggy sweats wearing, overweight woman that never wanted to go out in public.  she doesn't feel comfortable with her appearance and that translates into "don't touch me, don't even look at me.  and sex is not going to happen even if you suddenly go blind".  after almost 10 years of marriage, we got a divorce (long story that i am not going to get into right now).  i saw her about 9 months after we were divorced and my ex-wife was back to the petite hot bod with clothes that accentuated it for the viewing public.
move on a little while and i start dating another woman.  she is not petite but she is not large.  she has curves and wears clothing that accentuates the curves and her best assets.  she enjoys the way that men (and women) look at her and appreciate her appearance.  fast forward a couple of years and she is now my wife.  she is overweight.  she hates the way she looks.  she wears clothes to hide her body (not baggy sweats but it very easily could be).  she is constantly complaining about needing to lose weight.  she doesn't feel attractive and again i find myself married to a "don't touch me, don't even look at me.  and sex is not going to happen even if you suddenly go blind" wife.
i'm curious if any other men actually have this issue.  and i also wonder how women feel about it. 


I Smile 2 Much said...

Hmmm...... thats totally & completely fascinating in a really wild way. I'm gonna seriously think about this and email you in a day or so.

Honest to God. Is that okay? I really wanna look up some stuff & have some time to look over some things.

Just gimme a couple days~

If I dont get back to you- email me Monday and say "What the hell Woman? You said you'd email me..."


I Smile 2 Much said...

And oh yah. Did both women have children and gain weight after?

Or no? No pregnancies occured?

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