no wtf wednesday this week

i got nothing to "wtf" about. so instead i'm going to ask a reader's question. i have resigned myself to the fact that i have about 3 people reading this blog. i'm fine with that because i write this for me more than anyone else. but since there are a couple of people that read it occasionally, i'm going to pander to you.

on my tmi tuesday post, bunny posted this comment:
What do we want to know about your wife? OMG - where to begin? Is she pretty, where did she go to school, is she better in bed than the rest of us, how does she like her eggs, does she want to go shopping with me on Saturday?

so i decided i'd answer. from this post forward i will use "tw" to refer to "the wife". not creative but it works.

tw is not what you would call gorgeous. she is pretty but not a knock out. i didn't fall in love with her for her looks. i fell in love with who she is. she is not petite. her favorite place to buy clothes is lane bryant catalogs and she isn't ordering the smallest sizes. she has big breasts, size 40F if i remember right. she has had 4 kids and to be honest, her body shows it. but i still love her.

she went to school in texas and is a teacher at a small private school. she teaches high school and is basically the second in command at the school. she likes the teaching but not the second in command part.

she is not the best lover i have ever had. in fact she is very selfish. she is more than willing to try new things but i do all the work it seems. very seldom does she initiate. even less am i the focus of attention. it is all about her. this bothers me sometimes because i'd like for her to want to please me. but i also enjoy making her beg me to stop too. this is probably the one thing i wish could be changed about her. is she better than the rest of you? that i'll have to wait to answer until a few of you have had sex with me. :)

she likes her eggs over easy. hey, you asked. as for going shopping with you on saturday, i highly doubt it. she hates to shop. that is why her favorite place to buy clothes is from a catalog. the one store that she frequents is wal-mart. and that is so we can do grocery shopping and everything else in one trip instead of having to go to multiple stores.

i have mentioned that she is suspected to be bi-polar. it runs in her family and she has been showing a lot of the symptoms. she is on meds for it and the latest dosages seem to be helping a lot. the good thing is that she realizes this issue and is good about accepting feedback on it.

this has been the longest post i think i have ever done. it doesn't tell you everything but it does give you some insight into tw. if you have other questions, feel free to post them. i might not answer them but you never know.

update: how's this for realtime? i smile too much wanted to know if i have ever told my wife that i'd like her to go on the offensive (i paraphrased). and the answer is yes. i've told her and she has said that she would. but words are not actions and she still hasn't. btw, we have been married for 10 years so i'm at the point where i have accepted it and moved on.


I Smile 2 Much said...

well i'm a reader of yours & i'm glad you posted this.

can i ask you something? um, have you ever told her you'd like it if she would initiate sometimes? or tell her what you want or would like her to do to you?

i'm just wondering.... thats all.

thats tough about the bipolar thing. but like you said, at least she accepts it & is okay with getting feedback about it.

i'm glad ya shared all this! thanks for pandering us ; )

Bunny said...

I'm glad she's trying the meds for bi-polar and giving them a chance to work. My son's psychiatrist, after knowing me for about 20 minutes, decided that I have bi-polar, not just depression. Okee dokee. I'll bring it up with my own doc, just to be sure. My's son's psychiatrist also told Spousehole that he (Spousehole) is very depressed and really needs to get back on anti-depressants. He's definitely right about that. He also thinks Spousehole never had ADHD but just symptoms of depression that manifested as ADHD. (Apparently making the kid's parents better is part of helping our kid. He didn't say that, but that's how I'm justifying his diagnoses of Spousehole and me, since we didn't ask him.)

F cups! Wow! Nothing wrong with not being petite. I shop at Lane Byrant and The Avenue myself, though I'm in that range where I can also get "regular" clothes. Because I'm short (5'2"), I have trouble with catalog purchases sometimes. I really need to try things on.

I also like my eggs over easy. She and I can go to to breakfast instead of shopping. I don't go shopping much either and don't care much for it. Going "shopping" is secret-girl-code for what guys call "hanging out." It's whatever we feel like doing without the penis-people around. Shhh - don't tell anyone!

Anonymous said...

I am really glad I found your blog! I so far enjoy reading here.

40F? My goodness!

Your wife for the most part sounds like a great lady. I love the line about how you didn't fall in love with her for her looks. Fabulous.

I will keep coming back here so hopefully you don't mind. ;)