i am friends with the head of our 'puter department at work. he told me that the execs have demanded (yes i said demanded) him to set up a server for the sole purpose of monitoring our net surfing. this pisses me off. it isn't like we spend all day surfing the net! in fact, i spend more time dealing with the crap they throw at me than doing the actual work they should be paying me to do. i surf the net during my lunch hour to relax. and now they want to know what utube videos i'm watching, what blogs i'm reading. we sit in a big open area, no cubicles, no walls. it isn't like we are surfing porn!!!!

so now i have to decide if i want to continue my lunch time blog rolling. it isn't that the blogs i visit are bad, but i'm not sure i want the execs to find them and get the opportunity to enjoy them like i do.

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Bunny said...

Some workplaces block blogs entirely, along with all web-based emails (yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc.) To stop the few who would abuse it, they block the 90% who aren't abusing it.