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question: punctuation sex, do you or don't you?

explanation: the wife and i had sex this weekend. it was at the end of her period and not something that we usually do. neither one of us really like the idea. me because i'm extremely oral (no i didn't do that this weekend) and her because i am extremely oral and she is selfish (she likes me to perform oral). so this weekend's sex wasn't our greatest but it did scratch an itch. and it made me wonder if what other's opinions are on punctuation sex.

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Bunny said...

I think it's a great opportunity to brush up on the manual skills, so long as everyone understands what they're getting into and a towel or two is put down. But really only at the beginning or end, not in the middle when things are just too messy.

Anything that changes a period in to a ! is a-ok in my book.