odds and ends

there have been a few blogs that i read daily going private lately. it makes me sad. i love to read stealth's blog but i've been left out. some mexican chick is was a new find and i really enjoyed her blog. but alas, i got blocked. if anyone knows how i can get hold of them and request access, please shoot me an email.

i've been toying with the idea of doing a hnt post. but to be honest, i don't know what kind of pic to take. so, if you are a female reading this, please give me some suggestions/pointers on what kind of hnt pic would be interesting to you. i ask for female's advice/opinions because honestly, i don't care what the guys want. :)

i'll try to get back to posting a question of the week but it will have to wait until next week. this week is half over so i'm not going to bother. if you feel like you have to have a question of the week, consider my hnt query as the one for this week.

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Stealth said...

you did get in right??? :(