i got something yesterday

not exactly what i wanted to get but i got something. i hate when spammers and link whores try to not to be obvious. this comment showed up on my "i got nothing" post from yesterday.

Chris said...
Hello, you have a wonderful blog, but I can't find your email address, can you please contact me at linkexchange@edenfantasys.com? I have something to discuss with youRegards, Chris(Please can you delete this comment after your decision?)
6:48 AM

"please can you delete this comment after your decision?". i don't delete or moderate my comments so it is going to stay there for any one that might accidently find this blog to see. isn't it enough that we get 100's of spam email messages a day? now they have to start spamming our blogs too? this makes me want to go back to the days before internet, before cell phones. where i had to go into a sleezy bookstore to buy my porn and where it was easy to tell that a letter you received in the mail was from someone you didn't know because it was addressed to "resident".

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