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question: do you have one sexual fantasy that you want to keep as a fantasy and never actually fulfill?

explanation: the more i think about it the more i want to keep one of my sexual fantasies as just a fantasy. i kind of like having that one thing to dream about. not that turning fantasies into reality is bad. but i find that i need to have something that i can dream about. something that will always be a mystery. all too often you do those things you dream about and then they just turn into something you've done. "been there, done that" is not something i want to be able to say about everything. btw, i'm not talking about the fantasies that are pretty much unattainable from the beginning (i.e. jennifer garner and kari bryon taking turns using me as their sex toy.) so what is my fantasy that will stay a fantasy? i'm not sure yet. i have a few in mind but i haven't decided exactly which one i want to keep that way. if i remember i'll post it when i decide.

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Sheen V said...

I agree with you. Living out the fantasy would never really live up to the one in my mind. In the fantasy, I decide what goes on and how the other people act and react. In real life, they may just not live up to that. And Kari is just so delicious!!