TMI Tuesday #92

1. What's the sexiest type of underwear?
answer: ladies, i love the lace boy shorts. if you are straddling me and want me to stuff dollar bills in your underwear then a thong is best. but a nice pair of lace boy shorts with a lacy demi bra is good for me. i also like the see through panties, especially if you are trimmed or shaved. i love to lick you through them. and one thing that i can not stop myself from doing is caressing a nice ass that is covered in satin. the feel of it drives me crazy. now if you want to "dress up", get a corset that pushes up your breasts and barely covers the nipples, put a pair of stockings with it. mmm mmm good!
answer#2: for guys, i don't really care what others wear. but i personally like to wear boxer briefs. especially if they have a lot of spandex in them. they don't bunch up, they keep me in place and they don't chafe.

2. Would you/have you ever paid money for sex?
answer: have i? no. would i? depends on the situation and what i would be getting.

3. Is facial/body hair sexy or no? (Moustache, chest, etc. for men, and underarms/legs for women.) Or do you frankly not care?
answer: ladies, please don't let the hair grow on your legs and underarms. please?!?!? as for the pubic area, as long as you are clean i can deal with any of it.

4. What is the strangest thing you've ever seen featured in pornography?
answer: "strange" is such an ambiguous term. what i consider strange could be perfectly normal to others. so please take no offense in my answer. here goes: golden showers, man-on-man, some bondage goes over the top, anything involving animals. i could go on but why?

5. What's worse, not enough sex or too much? Is there such a thing as "too much"?
answer: i've said this before. i'm a guy. there is no such thing as too much sex. those words when used together actually get flagged by microsoft word as being incorrect grammar. ok, maybe not for you but they do for me because i added it to my dictionary. :) and as for not enough sex, as long as i have use of my arms and hands, there can always be some type of sex.

Bonus: What's the most illegal thing you've ever done (that you can admit to, at least)? Were you caught?
answer: i can't tell you where the body is but ... no wait. you said that i can admit to. i stole a package of gum once. seriously, i've lead a pretty law abiding life. i speed, i steal office supplies from work, i have even looked at a couple of pictures of what looked like naked underage girls (but only until i realized it). but i don't think any of them would be worth talking about.

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Mrs.ZigZagMan said...

Happy TMI! nice answers. The ladies love boxer breifs... can we get pics soon?