women at work

i posted a while back that i had a new job. i like my new job but there is one thing about my old job i miss. the women. this job is in an office that is basically all men. there are only 5 women total. the old job, the women would dress a little more upscale and i got to watch legs and asses sway on high heels. here, it is extremely casual and i don't get to see that anymore. for a leg man with a heels festish, this is hard. but then the women here aren't the kind you would want to see in short skirts and heels.

there is only one woman here that i might fantasize about. a redhead. what is it about redheads? she is way too skinny for my tastes but then i can't stop myself from peeking over the monitor when she walks by. she has a sexy smile and long red hair. she is petite and really skinny, but then i'd love to explore her body with my hands and lips. not sure why but she really gets to me.

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