storytime - three?

You wake up and immediately think "That is the last time I do tequila shots". You try to open your eyes then realize that they are but it is still dark. You realize that there is something covering your eyes. You try to remove it, but can't. Your hands are tied!!! So are your legs!!!! You are spread-eagle with a blindfold.

Before you panic, you listen. You hear voices. One...two...? You can't tell. Suddenly the voices stop. The room is completely quiet. Then without warning, you feel someone pull the sheets down. You suddenly realize that you are nude. A hand starts to caress your left breast. Another hand caresses your right breast. Are they from the same person? Lips kiss you softly on the lips. Another pair of lips follow.

A pair of lips replaces the hand on your left breast. The hand on your right breast disappears. You feel the mouth on your left breast as the lips suck, the tongue and teeth tease your nipple. A tongue starts to lick from your left knee up your thigh and straight to your pussy. The tonque licks your clit and down into your pussy. The tongue starts to fuck you...sliding in and out of your pussy. The other mouth moves to your right breast. You are getting wet and the mouth on your pussy starts to lick your entire pussy .....the lips....the clit....inside...outside.....all over. Suddenly both mouths pull away.

You lay in suspense. Wondering what is next. Your wet pussy is aching for attention. Your nipples still tingle from the sucking. Without warning you are entered. A dick is slid deep inside your pussy and held there. Then it starts to slowly slide in and out with long, slow strokes. You moan with delight and try to raise your hips to meet each stroke. Then you feel someone climb up and straddle your face. You open your mouth, wanting to have something placed inside. Instead you feel a pussy lowered onto your mouth. You are suprised at first, then you lose yourself to the moment. You slide your tongue inside and start to lick, suck, fuck the pussy with your mouth. The dick in your pussy starts to slide in harder
and faster. You are getting close to an orgasm and your moaning shows it. You continue to eat the pussy on your face like you have never eaten pussy before. Suddenly you realize that your are tasting more than pussy. You can taste the cum that is running out of the pussy from when this pussy was fucked. The woman moans and then cums in your mouth. The taste is different yet familiar. The woman moves away from your mouth just in time for you to cum with a loud moan. The dick in your pussy is pulled out and placed in your mouth. Now you taste your own pussy on the dick. You suck on the dick, wanting to taste the cum mixed with your own. You can feel the dick start to bulge and know it will cum. You open your mouth and take it as deep as possible. The man cums and fills your mouth. Some runs down your chin.

The woman's mouth licks the cum from your chin. Then as suddenly as it started, everything ends. You are left alone. You lay there waiting for someone to let you loose. While you wait, you fall asleep. When you wake up, you are untied...the blindfold is gone....the man and woman are gone as well. All that is left is the taste of cum, the smell of sex.

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Very horny! Made me hard as fuck!!