sexual fetishes

i will admit that i have a few sexual fetishes. i say that because i know some people that won't admit they have a fetish. they try to justify them as "preferences" or "desires". but as much as you don't want to admit it, your "desire" to see women in stockings is a fetish. your preference for men with erections that can support your purse is a fetish. get over it. there is nothing wrong with having a fetish. but there are some fetishes that i just can't condone. anything that involves a child, animal or is not consentual is not good and in most cases it isn't legal, either.

what are my fetishes, you ask? i like to read erotic short stories. that is only one of mine. i don't feel comfortable telling you more in a public forum. in fact you can see from my other posts that i haven't really put much of anything personal up yet. i'm still trying to reconcile with myself just how personal i want to get in a public forum. but if you feel like you want to comment on this, you might find that i am willing to discuss it privately via email.

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